Henry Imler's Portfolio

for the completion of a

Masters of Education in Educational Technology

on the Learning Systems Development and Design Track

Program Reflection

Flying by feel and allowing what has appeared to work in the past will only take an educational organization so far.

While such approaches can give the internal appearance of success, they can easily result of the educational organization failing those "stakeholders" that matter most, the students.

A better alternative is to imbue one's educational organization with a variety of methods designed and demonstrated to

  1. identify concrete needs,
  2. craft systems of learning to meet those needs, and
  3. develop applications to facilitate those learning systems that are user-friendly

These sets of processes must be contained within a feedback loop of measurable evaluation, creative disruption, and robust support.

My time in this program has allowed me to learn a host of processes, measures, and technical skills necessary to work towards implementing the above in educational organizations. It has also allowed me the time and the space to critically reflect with expert feedback from my professors on the above.

Since starting this program in the Fall of 2013, I have been lucky enough to start working in environments where I was immediately able to start putting into process what I was learning in the classroom:

  1. The Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies - where I was the sole instructional designer tasked with getting a new online program off the ground and approved by the HLC, and
  2. Moberly Area Community College - where I was hired as a full time instructor of philosophy and was able to apply the above not only on a micro-level in my in-seat and online classes, but also in my committee work in their LOGOS and Distance Education committees.

In both these settings, I developed an awareness of the need for and an appreciation for the utility of the approaches advocated by the program. I am tremendously grateful for the skills and attitudes imparted by the program and the guidance by the program's professors.

Looking Ahead

I plan on continuing to use what I've learned in the program in my personal classes and in shared governance as a full-time faculty member at MACC after graduation. Additionally, I have reoccurring aspirations to return to the administrative side of instructional design, should the right opportunity present itself.

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Program Competencies

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